Ameloblastoma Treatment: Going to Kansas to see…

It was 3:30 am when the alarm clock sounded.  Wow…the smell of our new place is amazing, too bad we have to leave for our long drive from Plano Texas to Kansas.  But so good that I have an amazing opportunity to take care of my ameloblastoma treatment with a holistic healing method with my incredible Doctor.  I went like crazy for days and days researching the internet for a holistic healing method for my ameloblastoma diagnosis to have a better treatment than the very intrusive surgery.  However, after pages and pages and weeks and weeks, NOTHING.

So I went to some of my best resources and friends who are very well connected with a specific holistic healing method and that’s how I was pointed in this direction.  So Dave and I got in the car this morning and brrrrr in the rain and then it stormed around Oklahoma, we finally got to Kansas at 9:50 am.

I talk so much about holistic healing treatment.  What is that?  To me, it’s the best way to take care of your illness or disease, whatever that might be.  Think about this.  Surgeons are trained to cut.  Psychologists are trained to prescribe drugs.  I’ve lost many friends who became victims to their disease.  However, those mentioned above sometimes can be band-aids instead of taking care of the root cause.  Don’t get me wrong, I respect surgeons and psychologists but many just go directly for the treatment without considering the options.

Some of the holistic treatment method saved my friend’s lives, many of them.  One of my friends had terminal cancer they had given him three months to live with a brain tumor and with holistic treatment method they removed all the toxicity around the cancer, created an alkaline environment in the blood and my friend is still alive six years later.  When they took the xray after three months of the holistic treatment method, there was only the membrane left that was around the cancer.  Hm….something to think about.

So…with ameloblastoma treatment, there is something to be said as I had not been able to find holistic healing treatment anywhere on the Internet or my resources.  They said the “ameloblastoma treatment” was different because it was not cancer – not related to toxicity or fungus.  Instead, it was an organ tumor that grew out of undeveloped wisdom  teeth.

However I will do my best to take care of this through a holistic healing treatment and help other people do the same.  It is non-intrusive, healing and when we break-through in this area, we will help a lot of people who are seeking ameloblastoma treatment.  It’s 7:37 pm and we are still with Dr. Carlston after about four hours of sessions and holistic healing treatment.

WOW…major break-throughs today which I will talk about in my next blog:  mercury poisoning because of my fillings…and allergic to five different things which I had no idea!!

Watch the next blog titled:  POISON in my body…

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Yvette Ulloa, the fiery Latina was born in NY and currently lives in California. Yvette is passionate about health/fitness, travelling the world full time, and teaching others to achieve success! Yvette Ulloa has been through a journey of challenges, however they have turned out to be some of the biggest blessings in her life. She has been happily married for 16 years to the love of her life Dave Ulloa, a former professional basketball player in Australia and self-made entrepreneur. Yvette's philosophies are all about contribution, sharing lessons from her journey with others, and she is lucky to travel around the world inspiring people with her story. She has spoken to audiences as big as 12,000 in Vegas, South Africa, Hungary, Greece and many other places, where she is highly acclaimed speaker and coach. In 2010, Yvette Ulloa and her husband Dave Ulloa achieved one of their life-long dreams to travel the world with Anthony Robbins and become Platinum Partners. They got to experience a whole year of immersion in Scotland, Egypt, Israel, Fiji and get personally mentored by Tony Robbins. One of Yvette's biggest passions is helping women around the world to believe in themselves and have a voice. She will reach out her hand to you to help you climb up to the top of the mountain! And nothing like enjoying the journey and making many pit stops to smell the roses. The coffee. The challenges. Anything that makes you grow and enjoy life. Dave & Yvette Ulloa are also professional tourists and ambassadors of fun. Dave Ulloa recently got back from climbing Mount Kilimanjaro, the highest free standing mountain in the world, at 19,000 altitude, one of the toughests and most rewarding activities of his life. Dave and Yvette Ulloa are Presidential Advisory Council members for the largest travel social media company one of the top 100 direct sales companies in the globe, WorldVentures. They were honored in front of thousands of people in Las Vegas for achieving the highest rank in the company, International Marketing Directors, being the first Latino couple to achieve this rank, as well as being the first team of both International trainers and speakers.
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17 Responses to Ameloblastoma Treatment: Going to Kansas to see…

  1. Heather says:

    Hope it works! I am Praying for you Sister and I believe that Holistic is the way to go as well, looking forward to hearing about your progress. Keep up the good work and keep your chin up to!

  2. Phillis says:

    Hi. Yvette. I too had mercury poisoning and had to have all my fillings replaced by a special dentist in NJ who specialized in non-mercury. Infra-red suana treatments can help get the mercury out of your system. You can even get one for your home now. You may want to also look into John of G-d in Brazil. I have friends who have gone there and the spirtual healing and invisible surgeries are amazing. This may help with the tumor. My heart is with you on your journey and all the opportunities for growth that you are facing now. You are the light in so many lives. Keep trekking. Love Phillis

  3. Hey Yvette,
    Tammy & I meet you in Nashville. We have abook that has blessed us so much that we have decided you and Dave need it. We would like to bless you with it. We do not know were to send it. If you are uncomfortable about emailing me your address then maybe we could leave it with Bethany this weekend in Mobile if you will be seeing her anytime soon. Keep the faith. You are quite a testimony.
    Rob & Tammy Renner

    • yvette says:

      wow thank you guys so much! 3308 preston road #350-222 plano texas 75093. also you can send it to burbank we will be here for two weeks from today, 1628 winona avenue burbank ca 91504. we are so grateful and thank you guys so much! lots of love…

  4. Can’t wait to read the next blog on “Poison”.

  5. Yvette thank you so much for sharing this journey! As always I send love, peace and positive energy your way. I applaud you for taking charge of your healing process and choosing methods that feel appropriate for you. We are so often guided by fear and hopelessness in times of great challenges. Your an inspiration and are in my thoughts and prayers.
    Much love!

  6. Gail Stevens says:

    Dear Yvette & Dave,

    Our love, prayers & hugs are with both of you for all that you are going through right now. I just read Yvette’s email about the tragic loss of Dave’s Dad & Hero, and my heart is with you now & always. As you both know, you are both very special & treasured by me, and I am here for you & your families for whatever we can do to support you in our love. I also read Yvette’s blog and just want you to know how much I love you & am so grateful for our lives connecting. Be strong yet comforted & supported by the love, special times & memories that you shared. Allow your loved ones to love, support & comfort you, now & always.

    I lost my own beloved Dad very suddenly over 20 years ago when he was only 64 years old, so I know how painful the loss of a beloved parent & friend is. I came to realize that the depth of our pain & loss is directly related to the depth of our relationship & love for that person. So mourning deeply is part of that process of being & healing in time. I also learned from a book of mourning & comfort, & its title, that indeed, “In the Midst of Winter, I Soon Discovered in Me an Invincible Summer.” That became a very healing affirmation for me, and I hope it helps both of you & your families too.

    Again, I am always here for you & thank you for always being here for me.

    Gail Stevens
    Plano, TX

    • yvette says:

      wow what a great title and affirmation gail – i will pass on to dave and it will guide us through! i’ll order the book as well…thatnk you!!!!

  7. Carla Love says:

    I just wanted to let you know that you inspired me. I know that what you are going through is tough. I am so sorry to hear about your Father-in-law. My own Father was recently diagnosed with cancer. He is very optomistic about his treatment and outcome and I know with his attitude he is going to be fine. I wish he could have been there with me in Nashville to hear your testimony though….what an inspiration. You were just what I needed. Thank you so much for giving me the ‘hope’ that I needed.
    Thanks again,
    Carla Love–Kentucky

    • yvette says:

      thank you so much Carla…I am so blessed to have incrdible people helping me with this journey, and you are that for your dad…if you can, read the book Natural Cures they don’t want you to know about by Kevin Trudeau. there is a tea that helps heal cancer holistically and many other homeopathic methods if you are open and believe. also some holistic doctors taht can help heal with other methods. let me know if you want some additional resources

  8. Kathy Hector says:

    Dear Yvette
    Thank you so much for sharing this information. I know that with your proven inner strength & determination you will achieve your goal of complete health. Maybe this is the next part of your journey. All of the career, material, relationship and even spiritual success you have achieved so far is worth nothing if you don’t have your inner health & physical ability to live it. Like a mother, you now have a responsibility to be fit & well for the huge family that you have nurtured around you & all of the peoples lives you continue to influence in your quest to ‘pay it forward’.
    I am a strong believer in the poisons of dairy, sugar, and many other ‘foods’ & additives that with media/government/drug company collaboration we are being encouraged to ingest as being good for us.
    Part of my separation reason from my relationship in the U.S. was a complete conflict in ways of eating & living.
    Every day of your 60 days will become easier and clearer and I believe that there is something amazing in store for you requiring the tremendous amount of energy that you will soon have.

    • yvette says:

      Thank you Kathy…I agree with you honey…I know this is a big part of my journey and a new chapter in my book!! Embracing the challenge, accepting the journey, and loving life is what I go by! Thanks for sharing…I totally agree that you must share this with the person you are with…and be in harmony in terms of eating and living. Lots of love and gratitude…

  9. online store says:

    I hope you never stop! This is one of the best blogs Ive ever read. I just hope that you dont lose your style because youre definitely one of the coolest bloggers out there. Please keep it up because the internet needs someone like you spreading the word.

  10. Very well written post, do you have an rss feed I can subscribe to?

  11. We are a gaggle of volunteers and starting a new scheme in our community. Your website provided us with helpful info to work on. You’ve done an impressive job and our whole group shall be grateful to you.

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