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Saved by God’s Bell…..through Facebook!

Fear….fear…fear…stop trying to knock on my door. I’m not answering!!! Faith…faith…faith…I’ve always been faithful that a miracle would come and that God’s got my back!! SURGERY RE-ROUTED….GOT ON A PLANE TO A NEW CITY TO A NEW POSSIBILITY OF HEALING…THERE … Continue reading

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Ameloblastoma surgery update video from Yvette Ulloa

Well, it is the countdown!  It’s not new year’s, it’s not vacation time, it’s time to enter a new fairy tale land with unknown pages.  It is definitely an uncertain and uncomfortable road…but I know God is guiding my path … Continue reading

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10 days before my surgery…

It is ten days before my surgery…and I am pondering why God has put this gift and growing opportunity in front of me…I have done just about everything possible to avoid this surgery, and yet the path ahead still seems … Continue reading

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Meeting Dr. Young…

I had the privilege of meeting Dr. Young in the nearby area of Escondido by San Diego, California.  I had always heard about him through the Tony Robbins community and I knew he was the scientist  behind the company Inner … Continue reading

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How many Saturdays are left in your life?

When my friend Bob Vernon shared this story with me, it really impacted me.  How many Saturdays do you have left  in your life? The older I get, the more I enjoy Saturday mornings. Perhaps it’s the quiet solitude that … Continue reading

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Latest news on my surgery

A summary of my last three weeks seeking holistic treatment to avoid surgery of ameloblastoma. Continue reading

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10 Steps to Healing

As I am entering new ground in my healing, and we had a major break-through after finding mercury in my body due to my dental fillings wrongful removal (make sure you read my other blog entry on that!! I found … Continue reading

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10 Day Challenge: Eat Clean, Go Lean!!

10 DAY CHALLENGE:  NO PILLS, NO LOTIONS, NO POTIONS! Get rid of that unwanted baggage around your body What is the best way to lose weight naturally?  Have you noticed that your health is the MOST IMPORTANT thing to you … Continue reading

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Mercury Removal Dentist: Beware!

I was sitting with my doctor and we were going through my healing treatment to avoid major surgery.  I have been going to Kansas and Utah to see my holistic doctor for over two months and having a lot of … Continue reading

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Video to Honor to our Father Galo Ulloa

Dave created a beautiful video to celebrate our dad’s life…we are so thankful to everyone who donated to the orphanage and sent us cards, texts, love, food and donations to fund an orphanage in his name. Please help us carry … Continue reading

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