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Is a health challenge a pro or a con?

Is a health challenge a motivator to find excuses or create results? It’s up to you! Whether you think you can conquer or not, you’re right! See, mindset has been my key to conquering my health challenges and thriving during … Continue reading

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Blogging post vegas

I would like to thank everyone for all the love, comments, prayers and FB messages on my healing, your love of the blog and future content you would like to see. I would like to start this blog by apologizing. … Continue reading

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Dreams do come true…

Okay okay…so I’m a couple of blogs behind on my 28 day blog challenge…boy I”m going to have to work overtime on something that brings me so much joy ūüôā Today I wish to talk about dreams coming true. ¬†Just … Continue reading

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Day 3 of 28…today’s blog focused on getting out of your comfort zone

One of the most important things you can do in life is to live outside your comfort zone. See, in life you’re either growing or you’re dying, there is no in between. What have you done in the last six … Continue reading

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Blogging with gratitude…day 2 of 28

Today I’m blogging from Steamboat Colorado, with total gratitude for the transformations in my life. Transformation in my mindset, because I used to allow my emotions to drown me. Transformation in my health, because I used to eat like Ms. … Continue reading

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28 blogs in 28 days

I’m feeling very grateful. For the first time in this two year journey, God has given me physical confirmation that the tumor has been contained. GRATEFUL!! A miracle in process. This very aggressive condition is very difficult and a growing … Continue reading

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30 Day Challenge by Dave and Yvette

30 DAY CHALLENGE¬†by Dave and Yvette This is a sample of the 30 day challenge and just a few tips that will help you get shredded for your upcoming summer vacation.¬† We will continue to provide more detailed information on … Continue reading

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Be careful with Stevia!

As you know, Stevia is a great natural sweetener. However, the health conglomerates have gotten a hold of this and want to make money off the Stevia name while still poisoning people. Buy Stevia, but make sure the ingredients are … Continue reading

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If at First You Don’t Succeed….by Farrah Simmons

If At First You Don’t Succeed…. So here I am January 30th 2012, last year in March I had committed to complete Bikram’s 60 day challenge & I event made it to day 44!! Then what happened was ….Life got … Continue reading

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An update on the orphanage by Dave Ulloa

Dear friends! We have so much joy and want to let you know that they have opened a third home in Ecuador at La Esperanza Homes, which now houses 15 children!! ¬†As you know, we (Dave Ulloa and family) experienced … Continue reading

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