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Peanut Butter and Jelly! Not so good for you… Our better version…

So they said that white bread is chemically treated and not so good for you.  And they they say that peanut butter is not the best either.   And then finally we hear that jelly is full of sugar!  Dave … Continue reading

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Warning: Is the organic movement betraying you?

Dr Mercola just uncovered something that made me sick to my stomach. Had to share it….the bottom of the post is the most important! Organic consumers and producers in the U.S. are facing betrayal. A self-appointed group of “Organic Elites”, … Continue reading

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Ameloblastoma Treatment

My doctor called me today to discuss the surgery.  He is moving forward very fast preparing for the Dec. 13th surgery date.  Ameloblastoma treatment includes a major surgery which would take about 3-4 hours so they booked two surgeons plus … Continue reading

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Health & Fitness Blog: Staying healthy through the holidays

Here are some tips that have helped me sooo much to stay healthy while healing.  Have you noticed that people during the holidays get sick and have the flu?  Have you noticed that during the holidays is also when we … Continue reading

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