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10 Day Challenge: Eat Clean, Go Lean!!

10 DAY CHALLENGE:  NO PILLS, NO LOTIONS, NO POTIONS! Get rid of that unwanted baggage around your body What is the best way to lose weight naturally?  Have you noticed that your health is the MOST IMPORTANT thing to you … Continue reading

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Ameloblastoma Treatment: Going to Kansas to see…

It was 3:30 am when the alarm clock sounded.  Wow…the smell of our new place is amazing, too bad we have to leave for our long drive from Plano Texas to Kansas.  But so good that I have an amazing … Continue reading

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Treatment of Ameloblastoma

I have yet to find a holistic or alternative cure for ameloblastoma treatment.  I have tried multiple sources, doctors and holistic practicioners who are experts at removing the toxins or inflamation as related to cancer, but because this is not … Continue reading

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Ameloblastoma Treatment

My doctor called me today to discuss the surgery.  He is moving forward very fast preparing for the Dec. 13th surgery date.  Ameloblastoma treatment includes a major surgery which would take about 3-4 hours so they booked two surgeons plus … Continue reading

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Health & Fitness Blog: Staying healthy through the holidays

Here are some tips that have helped me sooo much to stay healthy while healing.  Have you noticed that people during the holidays get sick and have the flu?  Have you noticed that during the holidays is also when we … Continue reading

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Got diagnosed Oct. 30th…thoughts from Israel…on ameloblastoma treatment

Posted on Tuesday, live from Israel from journal entry… Today is Monday 5:38 pm in Dallas, but we are actually in Israel at 1:39 am on Tuesday morning.  We are surrounded by an incredible peer group, called the Platinum Partners … Continue reading

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Biopsy Surgery in Utah: great growing day!

As I was going into surgery, the doctor told me two things.  I had a red carpet event coming up in a week, and I was concerned about my jaw being swollen from the surgery.  Or missing teeth?  Lol…he said … Continue reading

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It was 8:34 in the morning and my life was about to change…

It was 8:34 in the morning and I was putting on my sweats to go on a morning walk, something I’ve done for 6 years after going to a Tony Robbins seminar.  A way to set up my day to … Continue reading

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