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Dedicated to the love of my life Dave

Today is Friday at 7:15 pm.  I’m taking a break from moving.  We moved 125 boxes and in 24 hours we were done…worked at the speed of lightning…I am so thankful to be in a bigger place now… I am … Continue reading

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Ameloblastoma Treatment

My doctor called me today to discuss the surgery.  He is moving forward very fast preparing for the Dec. 13th surgery date.  Ameloblastoma treatment includes a major surgery which would take about 3-4 hours so they booked two surgeons plus … Continue reading

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Got diagnosed Oct. 30th…thoughts from Israel…on ameloblastoma treatment

Posted on Tuesday, live from Israel from journal entry… Today is Monday 5:38 pm in Dallas, but we are actually in Israel at 1:39 am on Tuesday morning.  We are surrounded by an incredible peer group, called the Platinum Partners … Continue reading

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