Mercury Removal Dentist: Beware!

I was sitting with my doctor and we were going through my healing treatment to avoid major surgery.  I have been going to Kansas and Utah to see my holistic doctor for over two months and having a lot of break-throughs and progress which I would otherwise not see.  The gift I got to learn from today is the fact that my doctor found high amounts of mercury in my body.  What happened?  WARNING!  When you look for a dentist to help you with mercury removal, you must find a holistic care dentist that knows how to remove it.

I made the big mistake of going to my regular dentist and asking her to remove the mercury fillings since I had heard they were not good for our body.  When she removed it, since she wasn’t aware of this process, she did not use any tubes or special equipment to keep me from inhaling the mercury.  If you are ever ready to find a mercury removal dentist, YOU MUST find someone who takes all the necessary precautions!


Did you know that autopsy studies show mercury in various organs of people who have passed away that are in direct relationship to their mercury fillings?  Radioactive tracer studies show mercury moves from the fillings to organs within one month.  The mercury moves directly along nerves to the spinal cord and brain and can affect your whole body.

Why didn’t my conventional doctors find this?  I am absolutely shocked.  But i’m in gratitude that my holistic doctor did find it.  I just recently had my mercury fillings removed and now I find out…my doctor did it all wrong.  Amalgam fillings which is what many dentists STILL do to this date are 50% mercury and mercury is toxic.

I was at Dr. carlston’s office and read research from Dr. Colpitts.  One of the most important questions about amalgam is whether the mercury is bound up in the amalgam or does it move out into the body.  Here are some additional facts that have been proven by research:

One drop of mercury can kill entire ponds of fish

In lab tests, they have seen the mercury travel from the fillings to the body within a two day period.

In California, they force dentists to put a “hazardous material” sign in their office if they do mercury fillings.

In Orange County they have forbid dentists from using mercury fillings.

Mercury is known to cause major health issues and again through my healing process, my whole job is to manage the inflammation in my body.  Well guess what, the mercury was causing a lot of the inflammation to my body especially because the tumor was on the same side as I had the mercury fillings.

Are you in danger?  Find a holistic dentist that can help you remove the fillings SAFELY.  My dentist should be glad I’m a good person because now that I find out, I could have had her license revoked because she didn’t follow regulations on removing the mercury.

Kevin Trudeau in his amazing book on holistic care and the true answers to health care, “Natural Cures they don’t want you to know about” recommends many holistic dentists in his book and his websites where you can get the proper removal of mercury.  Remember, when you pick a mercury removal dentist, question them and make sure they are following the holistic process step by step.

Thanks to the removal of mercury in my body, my body is healing faster now that we are managing inflamation and metals that were causing my blood to be toxic.  Remember, tumors can not grow in a clean environment.  THIS MEANS BREAK-THROUGH FOR ME!

We were able to get two more weeks delay in my surgery.

Praying to God that the path lights up and clears up…

Here are some great holistic directories for mercury removal, recommended by Kevin Trudeau:

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13 Responses to Mercury Removal Dentist: Beware!

  1. Ana says:

    thanks for the info….l have alot of fillings like that and l really
    appreciate the info……

  2. Chelsi W. says:

    I’m so glad to hear that you are seeing a break through!! What a blessing. Thank you for sharing.

  3. Nancy Wetzel says:

    Yvette, thank you for sharing this breakthrough…that is, the breakthrough for of your followers!! God be with you, Lady!

  4. Gail Stevens says:

    Thanks for sharing such critical information. Our prayers & love are with you for being 100% healthy! You & Dave are THE BEST!!! Lots of Love always!

  5. Cecilia says:

    WOW!!! Yvette… THIS is exceptional and relevant information for me personally!! You continue to be a HUGE blessing in my life as I benefit so much through your break throughs. Thank you Yvette for sharing!!

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  7. Sue Hodges says:

    Powerful information and very, very interesting websites.
    Yet again, thank you Yvette – God bless you and keep you both.

  8. I’m so excited to hear that you accepted this healing treatment. It is very important and can cause many problems in people’s lives. Presently I’m working toward having all my metal replaced as well. Starting to feel better and loosing weight with the inflammation gone. Praise the Lord for all who blessings flow!

  9. Barbara Miller says:

    Dear Yvette, thank you so much for sharing this information. I was thinking of having my amalgam fillings removed; I had no idea one needed a specialist for this. I’m praying that as your body detoxifies, and as you envision your perfect health and healing, perhaps the tumor will disappear. I know someone whose husband had a tumor that was deemed inoperative and his condition hopeless. He recovered completely. You might want to give Jacquelyn Aldana a call. 1-866-I LOVE LIFE
    Jaquelyn’s website is The 15 Minute She’s an amazing teacher on the scale of Tony Robbins and other Greats. Also, Louis Hay cured herself of her cancer. She has written a number of books, one being You Can Heal Your Life. Louise had cervical cancer and she asked her doctors if she could wait 3 months before surgery. In that time, she worked out issues of anger, hurt, resentment, feelings of betrayal. When she went back for her appointment, her cancer was gone. I wished I had had her faith and not have had my surgery so quickly after diagnosis, although I am grateful to be cancer free! Illness is a great teacher. With my last health challene, I learned to surrender and let others help. I was surrounded by love and caring, as you are. I see you happy, healthy and well! Hugs and blessings, Barbara

    • yvette says:

      thank you barb! i’m following louise hay and have all her courses/cd’s and will look up the 15 min miracle…sounds amazing!! lots of love and thank you for sharing your kind words…also thank you for the beautiful flowers they are lighting up our life!! love dave & Yvette

  10. Barbara Miller says:

    oops, spelling error:) my last health challenge….

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