Memorial for Galo Ulloa this Thursday Dec 30th

We would like to thank everyone who has poured in with the love and constant support throughout our first month without our Dad, Galo Ulloa who was tragically taken from us in an accident.  It is hard to believe that almost a month has gone by.  The Ulloa family would like to express gratitude to everyone who has supported us with phone calls, food, flowers, donations to the orphanage, and all the love and prayers.   We will be hosting a second memorial in his honor, a celebration of his life, this Thursday in Burbank California.

Galo Ulloa – December 26, 1944- November 30, 2010

Galo Ulloa, forever in our hearts

Thursday, December 30, 2010 at 7:00 p.m.

Valley Baptist Church

2201 West Alameda Ave.

Burbank, CA  91505

In lieu of flowers, we are building a second orphanage in Galo’s honor, as he was homeless at the age of 8.  He always wanted to give back and help save kids with similar backgrounds…please see information below:

There are 2 ways to send donations.  Paypal or check:


You can also send a check payable to


and mail to Livin’ Full Time, Inc.

3308 Preston Rd.  #350-222

Plano, TX 75093.

100% of money collected will be paid in one amount to the foundation and tax deductible for yourself.   Once again, our goal is to raise enough money to complete a home in Galo’s name and complete his mission.  With your heart, we will!

We will forever hold you in our hearts…

Galo and Connie on their last trip to his beloved Ecuador

Galo G. Ulloa was born 12-26-1944 in Gualaceo Ecuador.  He is survived by his wife of 40 years, Maria Consuelo Ulloa of Burbank California.  Galo Ulloa was a man of humble beginings.  He became orphaned at age 8 years old as a result of circumstances beyond his control.  He worked along side his brother Miguel Ulloa for a time and then his Cousin George Ulloa, finding any and all odd jobs in order to survive including shining shoes and cleaning and maintaining boats along the pier where he and his cousin lived by themselves.

As a young child he would carry luggage on a fairy because he was too young to get a job.  He lived on small boats that were docked because he was too young to rent a place.  At the age of 10 he learned how to fix shoes and started make extra money which allowed him and his cousin to finally pay for a place to live.  Galo always figured out a way to survive and even thrive.

  Galo had two children Mariana and Albert in Ecuador.  Galo wanted a better life for himself and his family and moved to the USA.  In New York he found and married his beautiful wife Maria Consuelo Ulloa.  There he had his three kids Walter, Dave, and Amy.

His American dream was to live, buy and payoff his home in the USA, so that his kids would always have a family and roof over their head  which he did not have growing up. Galo accomplished his dream of paying off his house this month just before he passed working two humble jobs all his life.

  Galo was a man of great integrity, he only knew how to put his friends first.  He never made excuses and worked 2 jobs to provide for his family a better life then he had.  He was stubborn, but in a good way, in a way that compelled him to take any challenge and know for certain he would not fail.

He would find a way to accomplish any dream he created for himself and his family.  His soul only understood how to help others, may God reward our father who is now in heaven and life has rewarded him for 66 extraordinary years.  Galo passed away on November 30, 2010 however his legacy will live forever.

La Esperanza Orphanage in Cuenca Ecuador For more information on La Esperanza, go to

The children at La Esperanza Orphanage

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About Yvette Ulloa

Yvette Ulloa, the fiery Latina was born in NY and currently lives in California. Yvette is passionate about health/fitness, travelling the world full time, and teaching others to achieve success! Yvette Ulloa has been through a journey of challenges, however they have turned out to be some of the biggest blessings in her life. She has been happily married for 16 years to the love of her life Dave Ulloa, a former professional basketball player in Australia and self-made entrepreneur. Yvette's philosophies are all about contribution, sharing lessons from her journey with others, and she is lucky to travel around the world inspiring people with her story. She has spoken to audiences as big as 12,000 in Vegas, South Africa, Hungary, Greece and many other places, where she is highly acclaimed speaker and coach. In 2010, Yvette Ulloa and her husband Dave Ulloa achieved one of their life-long dreams to travel the world with Anthony Robbins and become Platinum Partners. They got to experience a whole year of immersion in Scotland, Egypt, Israel, Fiji and get personally mentored by Tony Robbins. One of Yvette's biggest passions is helping women around the world to believe in themselves and have a voice. She will reach out her hand to you to help you climb up to the top of the mountain! And nothing like enjoying the journey and making many pit stops to smell the roses. The coffee. The challenges. Anything that makes you grow and enjoy life. Dave & Yvette Ulloa are also professional tourists and ambassadors of fun. Dave Ulloa recently got back from climbing Mount Kilimanjaro, the highest free standing mountain in the world, at 19,000 altitude, one of the toughests and most rewarding activities of his life. Dave and Yvette Ulloa are Presidential Advisory Council members for the largest travel social media company one of the top 100 direct sales companies in the globe, WorldVentures. They were honored in front of thousands of people in Las Vegas for achieving the highest rank in the company, International Marketing Directors, being the first Latino couple to achieve this rank, as well as being the first team of both International trainers and speakers.
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3 Responses to Memorial for Galo Ulloa this Thursday Dec 30th

  1. Sophie Brees. says:

    I’m moving to California this week but won’t be there in time for the memorial. I get in on Friday to capistrano beach to Nina’s. Next trip you make out to Orange County I want to see you! May God bless you and Dave and your entire family! I only met Dave’s dad once but he was so much fun. I’m sure he’s having a blast watching all of you from heaven. Love you both, Sophie

    • yvette says:

      Thank you Sophie…we love you and miss you and i’d love to see you and your beautiful grandbaby!! lots of love and thank you for your kind thoughts!!

  2. I will be in prayer for you and the family during this time of reflection, today. May God Bless you all!

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