Your deodorant and Alzheimers

I got this directly from one of my health mentors, Dr. Mercola and also from Tony Robbins. BE VERY CAREFUL when shopping for a deodorant.  You have to be able to pick the best deodorant without aluminum.

Are you afraid of embarrassing body odor? According to Dr. Mercola, using an antiperspirant daily is as much a form of courtesy to others as it is a risk factor for Alzheimer’s disease.   Your body absorbs the aluminum from antiperspirants and wreaks havoc to your brain.   Dr. Mercola stopped using antiperspirant nearly two decades ago and uses only soap and water.   It works nicely for him and even helps him avoid shirt stains.  So you might be asking yourself, what is the best deodorant without aluminum?  I have been asking that question for some time.

If you don’t want to go the route of soap and water though, look for a natural, aluminum-free deodorant made from some form of baking soda.   You can also replace your chemical antiperspirant or deodorant with baking soda and water, or lemon juice.   Taste the juice to judge the acidity before applying the solution, which may cause burns or redness if it’s too acidic (nothing goes on your skin that you wouldn’t put in your mouth, this is a good formula.  As much as I would love to do the “mixture” at home, I really don’t have time, so I have found the best deodorant out there without aluminum, which also LASTS throughout the day.   There are many deodorants at Whole Foods but they do not last, but this one DOES, I have personally tested it over and over.   It is by Arm and Hammer the name is “Essentials.”   I’ve been using it for two years.  BEWARE though: the men’s version DOES have aluminum.   So…Dave tested out the women’s version (which doesn’t have any scents or anything like that, it’s just smaller) and it lasted him all day so it is “men- approved.”  YOUR LIFE IS WORTH IT, ISN’T IT?

deodorant without aluminum

I have not found this deodorant at Target or Whole Foods, but I have found it at smaller stores like CVS or even some grocery stores like Ralph’s, etc. When you find it, buy ten of them 🙂 as they run out fast.

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6 Responses to Your deodorant and Alzheimers

  1. Lucy Rivero says:

    Thank U for the information Yvette, Just bought deodorant for my 2 daughters
    they R just 9 & 12……going 4 the Arm & Hammer 2….plz keep these coming I learn something new each time.

  2. Lisa Head says:

    Yvette, your blog is spot on about this. I have watched out of aluminum, plus parabens and propylene glycol in deodorant/anti-persperants for many years. I too have tried many, many and most fail the test. Each person’s body chemistry is different and takes some experimenting. For me, I have found that the crystal (rock salt) deoderants work the best. (can get at Whole Foods and also some Walgreens). Yes, you have to wet them slightly with water, but it’s the best I have found that work all day.

    One thing newbies to this idea should note is that these all natural ones are not usually anti-perspirants, just deodorants, however when your life and health is at stake, let you body do what it’s supposed to do — sweat out the toxins — just don’t want to stink! LOL

  3. Mark Logan says:

    The rock crystal also comes in a liquid roll-on form and works GREAT!!!!!

  4. Debbie Patrick says:

    I’ve been using the Deodomom cream from since my first pregnancy when I went aluminum-free. It took me a while trying a variety of products – from crystals/rocks to vinegar/baking powder, to Rx strength – before I found it and have stuck with it since because it’s the only one that actually WORKed. Especially during the later stages of pregnancy when I was sweating more than usual. In addition to aluminum, it’s alcohol and fragrance free which helps with my sensitive skin. My sister switched a few years ago and now my niece (14 yrs) is using it too. The information on their website is pretty consistent with this article – which is a good thing!

  5. This is the future of deodorant use! Sure there are so many of those generic, convenient ones that smell oh so wonderful, but it is time to start focusing on our lives. We want something that promotes the longevity of our lives altogether!

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